• Laura van Boven

5 Things to Look for in a Good Meeting Room

If you are hiring space for an important meeting or event, there’s no point in going with somewhere that doesn’t tick all your boxes. If you’re paying to use a meeting room, then it needs to meet your needs make a good impression to the people that you are meeting with.

As well as being kitted out with all the appropriate facilities, a meeting room needs to have a strong, professional vibe which provides a great atmosphere for productivity. If a meeting room doesn’t provide everything that you need it to, you might as well put some of your budget towards it.

So, what does make a good meeting room? Here are 5 things to look for in a facility that you’ll be happy to go back to time and time again.

1. Enough (flexible) space

You don’t want people to be cramped due to lack of space in the meeting room, so make sure that you space you choose has a suitable capacity. Remember to keep in mind that everyone will potentially need a chair and a table or desk. It’s always best to rent a larger room if in doubt. Think about if you need to move the furniture around through the day or if you a need a certain configuration of tables. Open-plan rooms work really well because they mean that everyone can see each other at all times.

2. Facilities

A great meeting room venue will provide all the facilities that you need to have your meeting with minimal fuss. These could include:

· Screens

· Flipcharts

· Power sockets

· Refreshments

· Catering

· Receptionist


There must be a way of getting people online easily- you should be able to find out the network name and password easily.

3.Good location

The location of a good meeting room will be central to all attendees, and easy to find. Being close to motorways is useful and it is also important to consider whether you need it to have good public transport links. Remember to ask about parking too- a good meeting room will offer free parking in their fee.

4. A good atmosphere

Finally, a good meeting room will make a good first impression on you, because if you have had a bad first impression upon walking into the room, you can be sure others coming to the meeting room will feel the same way. A great space will have a positive feel and make you feel uplifted and energised. The colours and décor play an important role in providing the right backdrop for a meeting and should be up-to-date and modern.

Don’t forget that you’re paying to use a meeting room space, so it should fit the needs of your meeting.

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